We currently do not accept book donations.

We developed this policy for two reasons:

(1) Our library is small and we do not have the space to store them.
(2) Most of these books are old and therefore not something we would put on our shelves as we don’t know if they smell, have bookworms living in them or frankly if they contain the most current or up to date information available.

We appreciate your desire to keep books out of local landfills and we encourage you to find other ways of saving your books.

  • For children’s books, check with your child’s teacher who may be able to use them in a classroom library.
  • Ask a local senior center or nursing home if they can use them to distribute to their patrons.
  • Check other nearby libraries who may collect books for an annual book sale.
  • You can also recycle them by tearing off the front and back covers of the hard covered books and recycle them with other mixed paper products.

We ask that you please refrain from leaving anything outside the building or in the library’s book drop.  Items will be thrown out.  Thank you for respecting our policy.

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