Strategic Plan

The Spotswood Public Library created a Strategic Plan for the years 2019-2022. 

The Spotswood Public Library’s mission reflects the commitment we are making to the
community and our vision imagines the library’s desired future and the experiences we will
strive to provide to our residents.

Our Mission

Providing opportunities to explore, inspire, and strengthen our community by connecting people
with information, ideas, and enriching experiences.

Our Vision

The Spotswood Public Library is our community’s foremost source for information, resources,
and programs. We inspire the public’s trust through personalized library service, a welcoming
facility, sound financial stewardship, and sustained productive partnerships in our community.

Our Values

Our core values give us the foundation upon which w
e perform our work and interact with each
other and community residents. We believe in:

Intellectual Freedom We maintain a commitment to freedom of speech and the right of every
individual to access accurate information on diverse points of view.

Access for All We are committed to providing library programs and collections that are
accessible and convenient to our community and to serving everyone courteously, fairly, and

A Culture of Respect We strive to ensure that all people feel welcome in the library and are
valued and supported in an environment that encourages mutual respect.

Exceptional Library Service We are committed to providing prompt, objective, confidential,
and knowledgeable service in a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment.

Teamwork The trustees and staff of the library collaborate to support the library’s mission and
vision and work together to create a culture where mutual respect is honored and valued.

Knowledgeable Staff Library staff will continue to develop professional skills through
workshops and independent learning in order to connect with and empower our community with
knowledge and information.

Partnerships We strive to develop cooperative relationships with our residents, community
agencies, and organizations, and shared services with other libraries in the Libraries of
Middlesex Automation Consortium to make the most effective use of the taxpayers’ resources. 

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