Item Request

Spotswood Public Library belongs to a consortium, LMxAC, which gives us access to a much larger catalog and lets our customers borrow books and other items from 30 libraries in central Jersey. All items that are borrowed from these 30 libraries are sent directly to the library of your choice for pick-up. You will be notified to pick up the item when it arrives.

If you can’t find an item that was published in the last year in the Library Catalog and you think we should have it, let us know! We can’t promise that we will acquire the item, but we will investigate its suitability for our collections. We will place the item on hold and notify you if it is purchased. This process may take several weeks or longer.

For older items, we will check the JerseyCat Interlibrary Loan service. There may be a charge to acquire an item through InterLibrary Loan. You will be notified about the charge, prior to our submitting the request.

Please note: We are only able to purchase books up to six months prior to their release dates, and DVDs and CDs up to three months prior to their release dates.

InterLibrary Loans and Purchase Suggestions are for Spotswood Public Library card holders only.

Please email the director with any Item Requests: director

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